Monday, November 01, 2010

ENOX24 started on October 31st in the afternoon

Strong signals from CO and UT and generally from the west coast. During the live DXing I noticed KIHU-1010 and KPIO-1570. Both are new ones for me. The first night was quite poor with only the usual dominants. Hopefully this comin day will offer more...
I have an evaluation unit of RFSpace's brand new netSDR receiver with me for testing. After a couple of hours listening it seems to be truly a great receiver. It records 1300 kHz range and gives 0.73 Hz resolution when playing back recorded files. Great!
Thank you RFSpace and Pieter for letting me test this new super receiver.


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Thomas said...

We are eagerly waiting for some more comments re the new NetSDR. Hope to see some form of review here when your evaluation is finished. I know a few Swedish DX-ers who have plans to order this new SDR as soon it will be available.
Which software do you run at the moment?
Thomas Nilsson, editor of SWB