Thursday, November 04, 2010

ENOX24 - November 4, 2010

The solar weather has been little unstable lately and this can be heard very clearly on the radio. Not so much to pick up from NA in the nighttime but quite strong signals by WA-, OR- , AK- and HI –dominants in the afternoon. However, this morning gave quite a nice opening to the US east coast mixed up with many Puerto Ricon and Latin American stations. Some interesting stations from the last two days: KOHI-1600, WRTO-1200, WMRC-1490 and KALE-960 (tnx for the hint LEM Crew!)
As for the new receiver netSDR. It has been working greatly together with SpectraVue application nonstop since Sunday without any problems at all. The strong signal handling seems to be very good. I have not observed any serious overloading situations. In this way the new receiver seems to be even better than the previous models.


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