Saturday, November 06, 2010

ENOX24 - November 6, 2010

ENOX24 –DXexpedition is coming to its end. It has been an interesting week with many nice catches from NA although conditions could have been better (as always!). It will be definitely interesting to go thru the files and try to get new stations verified…
In a way conditions were quite boring as the same stations and the same areas were heard almost day by day. However, I’m sure that there will be many surprises on the files. Stations from the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and the Great Lakes –area dominated daily basis. However, ENOX24 first days offered stations from deeper south and the east coast as well.
A couple of nice veries have arrived during the week. A “daytimer” KQNK 1530 verified last night with a short email. KPIO-1570 blessed this hobby and verified my MP3 as wll. Also KOHI 1600 was very excited about my report and recognized easily KOHI on my MP3.

Another main goal for this expedition was testing the brand new RFSpaces’s NetSDR -received coming to the markets later this year. It worked fine and stable, overall performance was very good and it was easy to use. It is great to be able to record the whole AM band for later investigation. The widest usable BW to record is 1300 kHz and you can record this BW direct to your PC’s HD or your external HD as well. Both ways worked well. I used two SV applications simultaneously in the same desktop PC. One SV recorded all the time 1300 kHz BW and with another SV I checked earlier 1300 kHz BW -files with 0.73 kHz resolution. It was amazing! My PC never crashes neither did the NetSDR or SpectraVue –applications.

My special thanks to RF Space and Pieter and Moe for letting me use this NetSDR proto. NetSDR proved to be a perfect receiver also for us hunting the weak AM -signals over the Atlantic in remote and quiet QTHs equipped with long beverage antennas. I think this receiver will be very popular among the serious medium wave listeners and SWLs as well.
Thanks also to LEM –crew. It was fun and useful to exchange SMSs during the week. Thanks to You all for reading this Blog. ENOX24 is signing off.


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