Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WELY Ely MN 1450 - a former Finnish speaking station in Minnesota

Another rare catch from Minnesota on ENOX19 was WELY Ely on 1450 kHz. It's not the most usual station to be heard here but however, it has been picked up a couple of times before in Scandinavia. WELY verified kindly in a few hours. The v/s wrote:
"Thank you for your email. The recording you sent was indeed our AM station. It was a station ID “News, talk, sports; AM 1450 WELY.”
We do have a large Finnish population in the region. We had Finnish language show in the past called Aamuhetki that we hope to revive again. Our news director and morning show host was born near Helsinki and recently spent a year studying music in Kaustinen. It seems quite fitting that our station was heard in your region."

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