Friday, December 04, 2009

News from the King´s Village

While waiting for the the real scientific answer of the current depression in North Dimension DX-conditions (mid-winter anomaly, higher (or lower) than usual Electronic density, too stable sun, new Iron curtain over the Scandinavia etc) , I´d like to remind of some new material at the King´s Village DX blog. Some items has been added after response from the DX-stations of the October and November. No news of the BOGbiters now, the beginning of the BOG has been partly under the water and no fish found (yet!).
Soon, it´s time to celebrate the St Nico´s day (the day of the inventor of Perseus receiver and another good guy a few centuries ago). And what´s more we will celebrate the independence of Finland on the very same day! How can we manage to do that remains to be seen.
73 TK

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