Tuesday, December 01, 2009

ENOX18 30.11.

Significant improvement from yesterday, but still unstable and without direction. Some of the most usual east coast stations (e.g. WKOX-1200), together with NL-stations around 2130 UTC, but no positive development as the night went on.

Slow start in the morning with just a handful of stations at 0600 UTC. Improving before 0700 UTC with emphasis on east coast; however west coast mixing, so that there was no specific direction.

At times quite clear and strong signals from common stations, but unstable. Still, if improvement continues, the following days will hopefully be interesting.

Most interesting loggings: KVTK-1570, KMOG-1420, KPOW-1260, KLTZ-1240, KPRZ-1210, XEMMM-940, CHNL-610, KSUB-590, KANA-580, KFYR-550.

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