Thursday, December 03, 2009

ENOX18 Update 2.12. - "Howling at the moon"

Not an awful lot to add to yesterday´s report - except that the conditions have been even worse than yesterday.

The evening started with a promise of an early opening, but the interesting signals practically died out before the party really had started. Early in the night some weak signals, most interesting on some graveyard frequencies. However, after several hours spent on chasing the signals from the recordings only brought a couple of weak identifications.

Morning and daytime were some kind of records for themselves: as if some disturbance had blocked the signals almost completely andeven the weak ones were gone after midday...

How bad can this get... new tricks are needed after the nails are already beaten and howling at the full moon has not produced any results !

After intensive listening to the few recordings from last night and previous days: KDWN-720, WYTS-1230, KTRF-1230, KSTC-1230, KDLR-1240, WJON-1240. WOND-1400, WSAM-1400, KDBM-1490. And of course KVGB-1590 with a huge signal - the perfect sign of "pureBS" conditions !

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