Wednesday, December 02, 2009

ENOX18 - 1.12

It is a known fact that good index values do not necessarily bring good conditions, but today was somewhat a record in that respect.

The evening was quiet and the band started opening a bit late, at around 2230 UTC, directly to the Great Lakes region. However, after about one hour the signals died out completely and did not return in any quality. Stations were weak and the band felt like during periods of solar maximum, with "dizzy" signals.

In the hours before noon it was a bit here and there, if recording even the TOH:s would be worthwhile, not even to mention recording at other times. The few weak signals came from Brazil to the west coast with no predictability. In the afternoon it was time to have a look at antennas, as there were practically no signals, except for most common Alaska in the lower end of the band.

Hopes are still high for improvement - it should not be too difficult from this level...

Some identified stations: WVNA-1590, WMLM-1520, WBRN-1460, WQXO-1400, WGIV-1370, XEU-930.

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TK said...

Hi HN;
Maybe something related to the "midwinter anomaly".
73 TK