Saturday, November 07, 2009


Second and Final Report from the Quality DXing Summit LEM282: the cx may not have been quite as extraordinary as expected, but nevertheless we are pleased with the results of LEM282 - and at the same time we are totally exhausted. The almost 24/7 listening activity took its toll and now we need to use all of our remaining strength to prepare this short report (greetings from the train!). We did not encounter any spectacular daytimer openings or highly directional cx, but the tremendous signal strengths and the clean, undisturbed AM-band kept us wide awake. Even though we are committed to "conventional" receivers, we have a huge amount of recordings to be checked. Here are some highlights from Wednesday until Saturday: WKY 930, CIBQ 1340, KDWN 720, WVNA 1590, WGIV 1370, WZFG 1100, KLSQ 870, KXRO 1320, KKZN 760. This is LEM282 signing off. Feliz descanso! 73's, ANA & TRE

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