Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We thought we had experience good cx before. Yes, we had, but none before of this caliber to the direction of New Zealand…this was supposed to happen only at KONG…

Now, about 10 days after having returned home from LEM281, the Perseus-recordings of the “hottest” moments of the magic 24 October have been thoroughly examined. And the results are somewhere between devastating and astonishing. Even between ourselves we have it hard to believe that this is true.

In all 45 NZ-stations were logged, of which 36 never heard in Finland before. Many signals were strong and lasted over several fade-in periods, but some were truly weak – some merely a “sigh”. But with the Perseus, its capability of continuously repeating a chosen few seconds and comparing an identified signal with another frequency stations can be 100 % “identified” even if the signal visits the frequency just a few seconds.

Such ease of identification is specifically true with the music networks (Southern Star, New Zealand´s Rhema and Coast), but also with spoken programming (NewstalkZB, R Live, R Sport). With the good advice from our friend Bjarne Mjelde –“the God of KONG”- we paid specific attention to TOH, when eventual Europeans and Asian station “hold their breath” for a few seconds. Many NewstalkZB and RNZ National identifications came through right during those few seconds !

It was remarkable, how strongly the peak of the conditions was concentrated on the North Island and the northern part of the South Island (with the only exception of BSport 1224) . Europeans were pretty quiet and Asia in general non-existent in the beginning, however Japanese stations soon joining the party.

Upon listening to the medium wave band in the remaining days of our LEM281 expedition, with all possible Asian languages filling the frequencies, it was hard to believe that all those signals just weren´t there on the “magic day” 24 October, 2009… It will very likely not happen again in the very near future…

In fidem

Hannu Niilekselä (HN) and Hannu Asikainen (HAS)

540 24.10. NZ + New Zealand´s Rhema, New Plymouth/Tauranga
567 24.10. NZ RNZ National, Wellington
657 24.10. NZ + Southern Star, Wellington/Tauranga
702 24.10. NZ + R Live, Auckland
774 24.10. NZ + R Sport, New Plymouth
783 24.10. NZ Wellington Access Radio, Wellington
801 24.10. NZ + New Zealand´s Rhema, Nelson
819 24.10. NZ + R Trackside, Palmerston North
837 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, Kaitaia
882 24.10. NZ + Southern Star, Auckland
900 24.10. NZ + Coast, Whangarei
918 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, New Plymouth/Timaru
927 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Palmerston North
972 24.10. NZ + New Zealand´s Rhema, Wellington
981 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, Kaikohe
1008 24.10. NZ NewstalkZB, Tauranga
1026 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Kaitaia/Whangarei
1035 24.10. NZ NewstalkZB, Wellington
1053 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, New Plymouth
1080 24.10. NZ NewstalkZB, Auckland
1107 24.10. NZ + R Live, Tauranga
1116 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, Nelson
1143 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, Hamilton
1161 24.10. NZ + Te Reo Irirangi o te Upoko o te Ika, Wellington
1215 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Kaikohe
1224 24.10. NZ + Bsport, Invercargill
1233 24.10. NZ + R Live, Wellington
1251 24.10. NZ + New Zealand´s Rhema, Auckland
1278 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Eltham/Napier-Hastings
1296 24.10. NZ NewstalkZB, Hamilton
1332 24.10. NZ R Sport, Auckland
1341 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Nelson
1350 24.10.NZ + R Sport, Rotorua
1359 24.10. NZ + Coast, New Plymouth
1377 24.10. NZ + R Sport, Levin
1386 24.10. NZ R Tarana, Auckland
1413 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Tokoroa
1458 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, Westport
1476 24.10. NZ R Trackside, Auckland
1494 24.10. NZ + Southern Star, Hamilton
1503 24.10. NZ + R Sport, Wellington/Christchurch
1530 24.10. NZ + Coast, Napier-Hastings
1557 24.10. NZ + Coast, Hawera
1593 24.10. NZ + R Samoa, Wellington


Mir said...

Congratulations. Prompted by an SMS from O-J Sågdahl from Kongsfjord, I was also listening on that very day here 700 km south in Eastern Finland with a 400 m wire to 45° and recording 900-1700 kHz with Perseus between 1200-1400 UT. There are no times given in the log, but I suppose the peak was around 1300 UTC as in Kongsfjord? I have now gone through the files with a fairly tight comb and I couldn't notice a slightest hint of any NZL station. During weekends my noise level is down and I could hear reasonably weak signals, some Filipinos etc, but mostly China and Korea and Korea. That's what 700 kms can do! But I can say I tried my best and was on the right frequencies at the right time ;.) Better now try at other times or at a different QTH ...

73, MR

Bjarne Mjelde said...

"God of KONG"...well, what can I say... A superb NZ log!

Mir said...

Maybe of interest: I have uploaded my file for comparison here:
or in other words here:
If not NZL, many other interesting stations heard!