Monday, November 30, 2009


ENOX18 started on 27.11.2009 (Hannu Niilekselä, HN)


I arrived at ENOX on Friday evening, of course with hopes for good cx and daytimers to start with. But, as realistically expected, the effects of this weeks disturbance were there and the (only) highlight of the first evening was WWKB-1520 at 2100 UTC.

On Saturday, 28.11. at 0600 UTC nothing, but before 0700 UTC a host of most common stations started coming in and at 0800 UTC there were stations with fair signals from all directions, including HI. The signals were, however unstable and so uninteresting that I only made recordings for TOH-identifications, which continued with weakening signals until 1100 UTC. Then nothing. Upon checking them I could only note that the feeling had been right: nothing interesting was found. In the evening, Harbour Light on 1400 was the highlight at 2300 UTC, best with the 315 degree antenna...No idea staying up or recording the night...

On Sunday morning the highlight was a razorsharp corridor to Arequipa, Peru, with beautiful and stable signals for 1310 R Libertad, 1240 R Lider and 1220 R Melodia, all with the 297 degree antenna. Other LA-signals very weak - practically no NA. Small opening to NA in the early afternoon with KCHA-1580, WPVL-1590 and KWOK-1490 being the most interesting stations - all again with the 297 degree antenna at the same time. But practically nothing else.

So, it is very far from wild - but the positive factor being that there is very likely only improvement ahead .

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