Wednesday, November 05, 2008

LEM266 1.11. - 7.11.2008 (JSN & MKA)

Hi folks!

Our Dx-expedition started in Hämeenlinna on Friday at 10:30 UTC when Martti started the engine. We drove up to Muhos (JPR's DXing OTH) thru a quite severe snow storm and stayed the night there. Thanks Jari for your hospitality, again! Hit the road on Saturday at 04:00 UTC and arrived to Lemmenjoki after 11:00 UTC.

This is only a short overview. Our loggings will be published later at and log.

The weather has been mostly sunny with temperatures between -1 to -12 degrees Celsius. At the moment we've got snow about 5 centimeters.

Receivers: Telefunken E1800/3, 1* Perseus, 1* SDR-14, 2* SDR-IQ

1.11. NA until 14:00 UTC.

2.11 The night started with Brazilians. Then NA from 04:30 till 11:00 UTC.

3.11. At night the same pattern, but now also Orinoco and some La Plata included. NA from 03:30 till 13:00 UTC. NHK-1 break at 09.59 quite nicely. From the Pacific Marshall Islands (1098) and Tonga (1017) with excellent signals, but nothing more.

4.11. NA started before 22:00 UTC (3.11.) and continued till 14:00 UTC. Today Marshalls and Tonga again + tent. Tahiti. NA started again before 22:00 UTC.

5.11. All night Puerto Rico and Orinoco with huge signals. NA started again at 02:00 and continued till 13:00.

We have been very busy with our SDRs and computers. But we have enjoyed the good conditions, weather, food and wine. We've already got a huge amount of SDR-files. Hope that we will not run out of disk space!

Here's a few stations "on the fly": KCKX 1460, KOFE 1240, KIOV 1450, KFBC 1240, KTOQ 1340, JOTG Aomori 963, WRRD 1510, KGOW 1560, KCAP 1340, KPOW 1260, KVOC 1230, KQTL 1210 etc.

06-07.11 The last two days were offering nice signals to NA and Pacific. We had a lack of propagation to La Plata and SEA and therefore unable to enjoy the last fine bottle of wine, 2005 Kaiken Ultra Malbec from Argentina. As a Finnish word kaiken means everything!On the other hand, we had the ultimate menu, better then ever in Lemmenjoki! We were equipped a lot of kettles , frying pans and special spices for our international kitchen.

Martti´s forecast for this period was quite accurate, disturbance started to effect early in the morning 7th of November and the days of our stay in Lemmenjoki were every day better and better to the final.

When driving away from Lemmenjoki we were able to meet two wolves (None of them were from Uhtua /ed.), a lot of reindeers and some dangerous drivers.

Next year's menu has already been planned, it will beat also Kongsfjord, if they are not able to invent something better than this year.

73's JSN & MKA

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