Sunday, October 26, 2008

AND3: 16-26.10. (GF, JA, OF and TBV)

AND3 has begun. Conditions are promising with many AK and HI at good levels at 14 UTC. Participants: GF, JA, OF and TBV

AND3 report 16-17.10: Brief opening to Brazil after 20:40 UTC, 1240 Radio Sao Francisco was the first new one in the log. From 01 UTC strong opening to the Rockies and Mexico with west coast stations becoming dominant by late morning.

AND3 report 17-18.10: Every MW DXer can easily imagine a dream DX night. Last night easily belongs to that category. For starters we were served very nice signals from Brazil after 20:30 UTC. From 22:45 our attention was on North America, starting from the Great Lakes and moving slowly westwards. During that process we were treated to numerous daytime signals from the Central and Mountain time zones, later Oregon stations almost convinced us we were actually there. Brief conclusion: A superb night and morning

AND3 report 18-19.10: Again a good night and morning, although somewhat less focused and interesting than the previous day. 1400 KIHH logged Oct,18.

AND3 report 19-20.10: Great start to the night with DT signals from the northeastern US and the Great Lakes. Improving signals from South America during the night, 550 CW1 and 760 LU6 were excellent at LSR. Good morning to the US EC, poor to the WC.

AND3 report 20-21.10: WEGP was heard at 20:40utc increasing our hopes for a good night. Despite some usual MI stations around 23:00 the night was disappointing. Early morning conds were very good to Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Excellent signals from eastern NA 07-09:30utc and then WC after 09:45

AND3 report 21-22.10: Good conds to Brazil and La Plata 21-00UTC. At midnight a few DT signals from CO and UT, then slowly improving conds until 04 UTC. From then and until just before noon strong signals from the Great Lakes and westwards.

AND3 report 22-23.10: Excellent to Brazil from 21UTC and until early morning. Sporadic spot conditions to NA 22-01:30UTC offered daytimers from all mainland US time zones. Later on relatively poor conds with stations mainly from the WC.

AND3 report 23-24.10: Possibly the best NA conditions this century. If it gets any better than this the last 2 nights we will not need to go DX-peditions again. Ever

AND3 report 24-25.10: Strong widespread NA signals from 22utc, at times mixing with Cubans and Mexicans. Boring during the morning. Towards noon improving with strong signals from WA, OR and CA.

AND3 report 25-26.10: Very interesting NA conds. At first many DT signals from the northeastern USA. Then a brief break before we got lots of of interesting stations from the Mountain time zone. Early morning had an extremely intense opening to WA, OR and BC. Then things changed very quickly with a strong opening to the eastern part of the USA. An excellent final day.

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