Tuesday, November 25, 2008


DXing TA-stations with only a longwire in Southern Finland means that you have to concentrade to morning sunrise enhancement moments. These moments can be very short, usually no more than 30 minutes with best reception at sunrise time and a just after that.

On October 7th I was staying at the cottage and did a usual check on mw at around 5.30 ut before going to work. After discovered that something unusual was going on I decided to record (by SDRs IQ & 14) the band from 1300 to 1700 kHz.
Soon after 0530 quite good conditions were noted - mainly to Lima Peru and Puerto Rico at the same time. Soon a station with nice Peru Folklore was heard on 1340 kHz - a channel usually having a Colombian station (Bogota) slightly above the nominal. Butthe music was only Andean - Peru folklore and the style of the programming was totally different of normally heard here. Some of the suspected was of course the Lima area station which on the other hand should have a religious format. After some connections with other DXers I was told that the Swedish DXer BIH had been listening to the same station a bit later - it was interesting to compare also the fades which were of course not in the same time. BIH discoverd maybe first that the lady was speaking about Radio Alegria? after several weeks with great detective work of Henrik Klemetz - once again a Big Thank - with info also from other sources the secret was discovered: the Lima station (at least studios at Lima?)was really Radio Alegría, a new name to a Radio LaLuz/Bendicion.

The signal was peaking just at about local sunrise (04.46ut) - at times the signal was better than the European on 1341! The exact frequency seems to be a bit below the nominal at 1339.993 whereas Bogotá has been quite steadily at 1340.006. There are often a Spanish Latin on 1340.000 which I believe is Caracas.

Other strong signals from Lima were noted on 1300 (Comas, no ID, but ads for Lima), 1320 La Cronica (relaying R Nacional), 1380 Nuevo Tiempo, 1400 tent. Collao with sports, 1470 CPN and 1500 (1499.858) Santa Rosa. Quite a few very interesting split frequencies were noted on sev. channels as well (e.g. near 1440 and 1560). From PR the stronges were on 1430, 1520, 1600 and 1660.

R Alegría will have the "official start" in the beginning of December.

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