Tuesday, November 25, 2008

KING´S VILLAGE DX - STATION OF NOVEMBER: Radio Brisvaani Brisbane 1701 kHz

X-band Aussies can sometimes be heard in Southern Finland, but usually they are relatively weak. Also there is often heavy QRM from European pirates etc, so DXing these is a challenge for us. I have tried to monitor the band usually when visiting my DX-QTH and sometimes you can get some of them. Earlier the Sydney station 1701 was heard (and carrier was monitored quite frequently) - above 1701 (around +75 Hz) while there was something also below that one around 1701.04. On Oct. 30 the audio of Brisvaani was strong enaugh to pick up some commercial spots between the Indian Bollywood music programme. I put this on however as a station of November as I took me almost one month to get out the details of some of the spots. The frequency is 1701.035 (maybe drfiting a bit). Some other X-band carriers and audios were present as well. The most interesting one with Chinese program on 1656 - that is the channel of a relatively new Chinese speaking station at Brisbane - heard at least in Lapland quite recently.
I am using exclusively a BOG (or LWOG) of about 300 meters (at about 50 degrees) to listen to Far East/ Pacific. This antenna is quite free of local noise - although giving not very big signal - the S/N is good. At the beginning of November the near by farmer did make some extra plowing at my antenna field: now the BOG is 1 meter long ! The late plowing is really a sign of climate change! OK - now at the end of November we have 20-30 cm snow - no more plowing this fall - and hope to put my BOG again working (actually it can go under the snow & ice - a BUSI/LWUSI - antenna).

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