Thursday, November 20, 2008

ENOX11: 13-19.11.2008 (HN, JVA)

During this expediton conditions on the band varied more than we would have wanted because of the stronger-than-expected coronal hole disturbance just in the middle of the expedition.

On Friday 14.11 we had a fairly nice Florida and east coast opening. On Saturday 15.11 GY-stations from the west coast. On Sunday 16.11 some “disturbance stations” early in the night and GY-stations from upper west coast ("ylämummo") whole afternoon. On Monday 17.11 nothing to be mentioned. On Tuesday 18.11 mid-west stations and in the last morning on Wednesday 19.11 a nice opening to CA, but we had to unplug just after 0900 UTC just as everything was hotter than on any of the days before !

Generally we listened only from 06ut to 14utc, with recordings on most nights. However, in the morning we noticed, that once again we just needed to erase everything, since there was nothing to listen to…. No daytimer openings in the evenings, even if CBG-1400 and/or WEGP-1390 were audible many times already around 19-21 UTC. Also only the most common stations from AK and HI direction were logged. Mexicans were almost totally absent.

Our full log will be published as and when we have had time to dig into the recordings more seriously. Samples of stations identified prior to more in-depth listening from recordings:

WFLF-540, CBEF-540, KUBC-580, KCSJ-590, KXSP-590, CHNL-610, KCMO-710, KFLN-960, KLAD-960, KJJK-1020, KFTI-1070, WDJO-1160, KQIK-1230, KDYM-1230, KSZN-1230, KPRL-1230, KORT-1230, KCVL-1240, KNEU-1250, KXRO-1320, XECPN-1320, KNSS-1330, CINL-1340, KCAP-1340, KTOQ-1340, WPDR-1350, KABQ-1350, WGIV-1370, KIHH-1400, WZAZ-1400, WSLB-1400, KODI-1400, KULY-1420, KLZS-1450, KZZJ-1450, KBBS-1450, WZNZ-1460, KDMA-1460, KTEL-1490, KSKR-1490, KOWL-1490

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