Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LEM247 loggings (MKA)

Finally after 8 weeks I am ready to present my own NA-log. We had two fine days 8th and 11th and three good ones, 10th, 12th and finally 13th of October. Every day something, 9th we had some East Coast.

It was interesting to track for example 660 KTNN Window Rock AZ from SDR-files on 8th of October. First hint was Midnight Trucking Network program at 07.00 UTC, part of the id, Window Rock mention at 06.00 UTC, finally navajo-music 0434 UTC and perfect id after nice country mx 0451 UTC. From records you are able to see where I parked SDR. Because of minimun time, lower freq were very interesting, also 1220-1410 khz is offering four GY-and many fine regional-freqs. I still have a couple of nice UNID´s, spanish yankee on 1290 and Radio America on 920 without names.

Finnish colleaques have checked all the +stations, ANA and JMS were helping me to solve 970 WKHM Jackson MI. TNX! We had not the perfect timing, two days before and four days later lasting expedition would give us the whole World. Now we got the half, Japanese loggins are following after some weeks and that list will be very long. LEM246 and 248 had good luck to Pacific, we had also something from there but they will remain in their shadow.

Telefunken was again the ultimate receiver, the same signal purity in SDR will be very much welcome. 730 KSBU was able to get easily by Telefunken, same for 940 WINZ, SDR was offering the same signal, but not readable. The best choice for ultimate results will be high quality DSP-receiver to parked on every GY and two-three SDR´s elsewhere.

LEM247 log


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