Monday, December 10, 2007

ENOX6 - 5-9.12 (JPR, JVA, TK)

Sunday 9.12

Weak early night however many stations was audible at 2030-2130utc. WLQV at 2100utc. Stations in upper band in the night. In the morning different conditions than never before in this pedition. First stations from MB, MN, ND and some MEX, then 1.5 hours without electricity. After this sleeping break first time also stations from west coast. KZIZ-1560 seems be usual nowadays and KVAN-1560 is SS.

ENOX6 is now signing off. We are now in Kittilä and TK will jump into Helsinki night train in Rovaniemi. JPR and JVA will continue to Oulu. Monday is unfortunately again working day. 73's to all: JPR, JVA, TK

Saturday 8.12

Minimium time - minimium conditions. Very weak NA cx continued. Nothing special late in the evening and night however the common stations was audible whole night and morning with weak signals - NF, East Coast and Great Lakes dominants cx. WEGP-1390 is now some kind of super power,Nothing in day.

No recordings to check and empty log book! So we have checked old recordings. For example JPR picked up from Muhos recordings WVAM-1430.

Temperature +1 degrees, more snow during last two nights. Maybe that's why we have also huge electronical disturbances and it was almost impossible to try to listen in daylight time. However In FM two Norway stations audible, but no RDS. Waiting better cx for last day. JPR, JVA, TK

Friday 7.12

Weak conditions to NA continued. Weak signals and nothing special early in the night, some LA and NF in the night. We have no LA-antennas, but for example 1240 Radio Maria and some Columbian in lower band was audible almost whole night. So sleeping most of early morning hours.

But then suddenly conditions came better after 07 utc. East coast, Cuba and Columbia: R Reloj, Cali 1110. Later common Mexicos. However soon after 0945utc rather weak cx again - only mostly Oregon dominant stations - KYKN-1430 very common nowadays. Also KLKI-1340, KZZR-1230, KWYZ-1230. So weak cx that no stations from our log book!!

Some stations takes time. JVA picked KDHL-920 (maybe this is also unid Radio America on this frequency) first time in ENOX2 - now several times - and now at last CKDY-1420 in ENOX6. It takes over 20 years to pick up these common stations.

TK tested a 8 cm long PA0RDT active stick antenna monted on a fishing rod of 6 m. Although KOMO was loud and clear on a West coast beverage there was only a small carrier on whip. So not a best antenna for NA stations.Good weather, not too much snow to go out and check antennas in forest.

Temperature just now 0 degrees Celsius. However waiting for better NA cx. JPR, JVA, TK.

Thursday 6.12.2007

We arrived to ENOX late yesterday evening. Some stations in night, less stations in the morning and only few in day. Weak conditions - however there was almost on every frequency stations - but usually the dominants. Some stations from log book: WAUK-1510, KGOW-1560, WLRT-1490, KQDJ-1400, KCCR-1240. JPR, JVA, TK

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