Monday, December 10, 2007

LEM252 - 30.11-8.12 (HAS, HN)

Friday 7.12

Difficult and unstable conditions continue. LA-CA with some NA at night, a bit better with NA in the morning, but almost dead in the afternoon until 14 UTC, then some west coast. Hard to belive that this should have been the best week of the month during solar minimum ! WNIK-1230, BER 1160&1450 with huge signals at night, KVNU-610, CKBX-840, KVOZ-890, KEJO-1240. LEM252 will go silent on saturday mornin at 07 UTC.

Thursday 6.12

First NA at 2100 (WAAM-1600), but no real evening cx. Great Lakes with some MEX in the morning. Some GY during the day, but with very weak and unstable. No "real solar minimumcx" yet. KDAL-610, WDSM-710, KFNW-1200, KIUL-1240, KSEK-1340, KBMW-1450, XEROK-800, XECF-1410.

Wednesday 5.12

No evening cx, only a few NA at night, strong ON in the morning, lazy but interesting cx to MT and ID in the afternoon, no AB or WA-BC at all. 540-CBEF, 580-CKWW, 580-WTCM, 610-KDAL, 630-CFCO, CBA-1070 at 1305 UTC, KATQ-1070, KNFL-1470. ENOX 4: 870-WINU

Tuesday 4.12

Common stns in the evening, CA and SA during the night, good ON-QC in the morning, but no cx in the afternoon. WMIA-1070, CHLN-550, CFCO&CHLT-630.

Monday 3.12

LEM252 (HAS,HN) 30.11-3.12: We arrived on Friday evening, but very slow with conditions until this morning. CA at night, midwest in the morning, MT-ID in the afternoon. 730- Trinidad, 1310-Martinique, WKTY-580,1210-KOKK, 1400-KQDJ, 960-KFLN, 860-KPAM.

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