Monday, December 03, 2007

King´s Village DXing Oct-November

DX-ing in the King´s Village (which will be part of Loviisa town in 2009, by the way!)

Not very much to report from my King´s Village QTH on Oct - Nov although quite a few good DX-days noted also here. Still using primary my BOG @40 degr (300 meters on the ground), my lw of TA-dxing seems to be still a bit noisy.

Most of new stations logged here are from the East. Noted a few Philippine stations like 1062 and 1548 Super Radio (seems to ID only DZ-double B), the last finally with IDs several times in Oct-Nov. Some japs was noted as well, several commons with great signal.

SDR-receiver as "visual DXing" & frequency measuring unit:

As many of us using SDRs know, these machines are good to measure rather easily frequencies of stations. I made a mini DXpedition to my Haapavesi QTH and recorded on one morning channels 1190 - 1380 on Nov. 4th.
As CX favoured North - Central and part of South America, I was able to get at least one station on ecah channel. One new TA-station for me was logged also: WIVV 1370, which seems to be on split 1369.983. This has been rather difficult to get earlier.
Also made some measurements. At the picture you can see one example how stations come and go: on 1310.00 first Ottawa (Oldies 13-10) at 05.00, later on mix with Bogota (Manantial) on 1310.011 (with good ids and px announcements at around 0535), and the normal dominant best later on: RNV 1310.014. Also there was tentatively Maria Panama near the nominal as well.
All these DX was made with a SDR-IQ, Acer laptop (using only own batteries to avoid noise from the transformer). The antenna was a beverage of 410 meters at 290 degrees (with coax lead of 350 mtrs). By the way, as the antennas has been in rain for about two months with transformers, I noted very much attenuation somewhere - and found that the transformer at the end of the long coax led (350 meters) was wet - and the results was extra attenuation of at least 20-30 dB! ALthough the transformer is housed in a small pastic box this has not been enaugh as the rain has been severe for several weeks! So extra housing should be used indeed.
73 TK

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