Monday, December 10, 2007

ENOX5 - 3-5.12 (TUA)

Wednesday 5.12

ENOX5 is signing off. Right now the lower band is full of SA and CA -stations with the usual QC-, NF- and NY -stations from Canada and the US. The upper band is much more weaker with only the common powerhouses audible. ENOX6 crew will come today late in the evening and they will stay until Sunday. I wish you 73's and a great stay here in Enontekiö! TuA

Tuesday 4.12

Quite lousy day with a few interesting stations in the morning. Only the most usual stations were audible in the afternoon. Today's highlight for me was WFDF Flint, MI offering strong signal and R. Disney programmming with a perfect "91 - WFDF" ID. Never heard the station before. WGR-550, WTVN-610, WMT-600 and WTNY-790 are also worth to mention.Hopefully the last night and Wednesday morning will offer more interesting stations. TuA

Monday 3.12

Arrived in Enontekiö about 12.00 UTC. Lots of snow and temperatue about -5 C. Stations from WY, N. and S. Dakota, MT, and Prairie faded in quite strongly in tne afternoon on the whole AM band. Mostly the dominants at least on the fqs I have checked from the files so far. However, some nice ones were heard as well; KGYN-1210, KGMI-790, and CBQI-920. TuA

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