Wednesday, March 04, 2009

KBLL Helena MT 1240

I heard KBLL on the 2nd of November, 2008 during LEM266. Right after the ABC News they broadcast their local weather forecast presented by forecaster Erin Yost.

I send an email to Erin, who works at KTVH in Helena, and to the station. Last Friday night, during our PUDXK-meeting in Muhos, I got a nice reply from Erin. Here's one of Erin's comments: "That is INSANE! Ha ha! I've taken a couple radio classes in college over in Missoula, Montana (University of Montana) and have heard of signals going further than expected and whatnot... that is unbelievable! Wow! It's a small world :)"

Yesterday evening I also got a reply from Chief Engineer Jared Dickert. Thank you very much Erin and Jared!

What comes to QSLing, last Friday was a very nice day. Two other email-qsls found their way to my mailbox:
Joseph Rizza from Davidson Media Group verified my report of WPYR Baton Rouge LA 1380. I picked it up on the 5th of November, 2008 during LEM266. It was the first time WPYR was heard in Finland. Since then it has been picked up by several Finnish DXers. Thank you Joe for your confirmation!

Jeff McMurray, PD verified my follow-up report of Sports 1140 - KHTK Sacramento CA. Heard it in January 2007 during LEM241. Came in quite well during their local break at 11:45 UTC. Thank you Jeff!

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