Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ENOX15 and KDMO Carthage, MO-1490

I arrived in Enontekiö some hours ago and set up my equipment for two nights listening session. This will be my last ENOX -expedition this season - hopefully I'll be lucky with the conditions. Unfortunately the solar weather does not seem very promising but let's see what happens during the next 36 hours...

I checked the ENOX10 recordings last week and I found a couple of new ones for me. One of them was KDMO on 1490 kHz. Please, take a look at the attached QSL -text I received last night along the email.

March 17, 2009

Dear Tuomo,

Thank you for the Email regarding KDMO and your hobby. It must be an exciting to pick up a Radio Station half way around the world!
I listened to your MP3 and verify that you did indeed pick up 1490 KDMO and the written details of what you heard are correct.
Spring is coming on strong here in Southwest Missouri with the temperature being 80 degrees today and the air conditioner is on here at the station today. We didn’t receive a lot of snow this year and thank goodness very little ice. After the past few winters we are sick of the ice storms that bring down power lines and cause havoc in running our business.
Good luck to you with your hobby.


Ron Petersen, Sr. President & General Manager


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