Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ENOX15 - some new stations with loud and clear signals!

Some SA during the night and early morning. Actually many SA -stations came in very well across the all AM -band. NA became audible after Enontekiö's sunrise in the morning and many stations from the West and down in California came in surprisingly loud and clear. Around 09.00-10.00 UTC stations faded out little by little.
Some catches from today's logbook: KBLE-1050, KPTQ-1280, KSUB-590, KYNS-1340, KRLC-1350, KTIK-1350...

This was my last report from Enontekiö this season and ENOX15 will sign off tomorrow. Thank You all for sharing the season's ENOX -reports. The ENOX -crew will be back again in next season around September/October with new loggings and stories. Have a great springtime!


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