Saturday, January 19, 2008

LEM256: 12-19.1 (JJN, JUS)

Saturday 12.1

LEM256 (JJN & JUS) has started. Common west coast stations between 13 and 15 utc. KDZR 1640 was heard till 1630 utc

Sunday 13.1

Perseus was harmoniously introduced to Lemmenjoki today although there has not been much use for SDRs here. Lame night. Today KANN 1120, KUTR 820, KNFL 1470, KHTK 1140, XEEX 1230. Crne Gore 882 yesterday

Monday 14.1

We spent the night deep asleep. More west coast from 07 to 10 utc. KFNW 1200, KTTH 770, etc

Tuesday 15.1

The most common Brazilians were quickly greeted at night. After a very silent morning we were about to go out to check some antennas when suddenly the band was alive with stations from WA (like KMAS 1030, KWIQ 1020, KRLC 1350), OR (KPDQ 800, KWIP 880), MT (KBLL 1240), and ID (KSPZ 980)

Wednesday 16.1

Mostly silent.

Thursday 17.1

R Plovdiv and Blagoevgrad yesterday. Today Jamaica and a mixed selection of NY, MEX and the Pacific NW.

Friday 18.1

Almost three hours of Hawaii hulabaloo. No need to say anything else.

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