Saturday, January 05, 2008

LEM254: 27.12-5.1 (JMS, JPR)

Friday 28.12

LEM254 - JPR & JMS - 28.12. - Quite good night with Brazil and West Coast. Morning splendid with upperband Brazilians, eg. 1530 kHz strong (hopefully there is an id on the tape). Then NA all day long, Savannah's New Star 1400 WSEG was the nicest surprise. Weatherwise very strange with 0 Celsius and even some rain (not snow).

Saturday 29.12

LEM254: Boring. Stations all the time from SA, NA EC and NA WC. Continuous listening between 2230 and 1400 UTC but not a single new station. We would welcome some strong flares from the sun ;)

Sunday 30.12

LEM254: Slightly weaker than yesterday, still NA from midnight till late afternoon. Some Venezeula at night. Now at 13 UTC KFNW West Fargo, ND 1200 booming. Some highlights from the previous days: Radio Itatiaia Triangulo 1390, Radio Sulina 1530 and Radio Encanta 1580. JPR & JMS

Monday 31.12

LEM254: We have very similar feelings than our friends in Parka: intensive listening, but almost nothing new heard. Morning's only surprise was WQAM Miami on 560. Sun's activity is increasing, so hopefully conditions are changing, too. Happy New Year to all dx-ers around the world! Jari Ruohomäki (JPR) and Jim Solatie (JMS)

Tuesday 2.1

LEM254: The new year started fresh with -23 degrees Celsius. Visiting the outdoor restroom almost required something else than just a t-shirt ... but only almost ;) DX conditions are still quite weak. NA from 00 till 15 UTC, but only Canadians and other dominants with excellent reception quality. Between 07 and 09 a nice opening to Orinoco, eg. Impacto 1550 and Cristal 870. From yesterdays recordings 1530 ESPN Austin. - Jim Solatie

Wednesday 2.1

LEM254: OSD-conditions continue (only strong dominants). Ohio stations have super signals at the moment, but nothing new found. Some Orinoco last night, but without surprises. Graveyards are too crowded to result into anything interesting. Tomorrow will be a day off enjoying winter's other pleasures - cross country skiing - at Saariselkä. JPR & JMS

Thursday 3.1

LEM254: A nice North Carolina morning with WSGH 1040 and WECU 1570 with very strong signals. Also many stations from Cuba, eg. Agramonte 910. KKKK 1580 in the afternoon. Asia has been weak the whole week. JPR and JMS

Friday 4.1

LEM254: Friday morning was loaded with very strong NA signals, especially between 08-09 UTC, but afternoon was useless. One personal new today: WBHV 1330. From earlier week: KFNN 1510. It's time to return home and wish all the very best for LEM255. JPR & JMS

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