Saturday, January 12, 2008

LEM255: 5-12.1 (HS, HAT)

Saturday 5.1

LEM255 started simultaneously with some solar instability, thus no NA was heard in the late afternoon, nor Fareast. Looking forward to rapid improvement, though. HAT

Sunday 6.1

LEM255 (HAT HS) 5.-12.1.Improving conditions. Nothing at night, but in the early morning common Brazilian and La Plata stations ascending to Colombia, Venezuela with some single shots to CA. Around midday most regular NA west coast.

R Nacional de Colombia 580 & 680, R Sucre 600, Guadeloupe 640, Jamaica 700, R Brigadier Lopez 1150, R Calidad 1230, KVAN 1560.

Monday 7.1

LEM255 (HAT HS): Northern lights! Japanese tourists travel halfway round the world to see this wonder, we Finnish dxers are in a much luckier situation, only 1200 km. When the solar disturbance is on an adequate level to let the space wind to bring large enough quantities of small particles to our atmosphere to activate the lights, the end result is simply breath taking.

These lights began their grand show in the evening by covering the sky with a wide, transparent green vail like drawn with water colours on a wet paper. Then, the show was sharpened later on in the night; Against the black sky and bright stars, they ran across the estrade, and performed in all shapes and figures, in north, south, east and west. In the morning they started to fade, but were still visible, like a deliberate reminder of the night. What a tremendous show!

RAI Veneto 936, RAI Marche 1062, RNE5 Salamanca

Tuesday 8.1

LEM255 (HAT HS) "A station per day keeps dx-apathy away" (aforism of the week). And we're working our utmost to achieve this daily target, no matter how challenging it might be! Most common Brazil and USA northwest.

Another split noted: KLFE Seattle 1589,58. RNE5 Lugo 1098, RNE5 Toledo 1125, XESJ Saltillo 1250.

Wednesday 9.1

LEM255 (HAT HS). Made a decision that also follow up reports to previously heard but not verified stations will be accounted, to achieve our daily targets, as set in our aforism of the week. Regular conds towards USA:s Pacific Northwest, with some California additions. YV HJ briefly in the morning.

RAI Emilia Romagna 567, R Crne Gore 882, RNE5 Valladolid 936, KSRO 1350, KTKZ 1380, KIGO 1420.3, KYKN 1430, KZIZ 1560, KUBA 1600, KYIZ 1620, XERW 1390.

Thursday 10.1

LEM255 (HAT HS). A few scattered west coast stations at night (went back to sleep quickly), east coast in the morning, after which the common mixture of west coast to late afternoon. Stronger signals today.

RNE5 Palencia 603, RNE5 Cabra 972, KPQ 560, KSEN 1150, KPRZ 1210, KPJC 1220, WILS 1320, WBHV 1330, CJRS 1650.

Friday 11.1

LEM255 (HAT HS). We completelly forgot to mention about our daily menus. To correct this mistake; the menu consisted of industrially prepared foods and groceries, frozen or refrigerated, mainly microwaveable. With food we consumed canned beer (domestic), and the listening session was crowned by a nite cap: Jameson Irish Whiskey (triple distilled).

Back to business. Yesterday evening a few signals very early, nothing fancy, turned rapidly into Great Lakes area. The morning offered Wisconsin and the surrounding states, after which the usual suspects returned (upper west coast).

WSAU 550, WTCH 960, KTIX 1240, KBLL 1240, KDIO 1350, KSRV 1380, KSPT 1400, KEDO 1400, KLCK 1400, KGST 1600.

Tomorrow we'll leave the hut for a wolfpack. If nothing totally impressive happens, we'll end our reports here. Thanks for the attention, and good luck for the coming crews! HAT & HS.

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