Saturday, January 05, 2008

ENOX7: 2-5.1 (HN)

Thursday 3.1

ENOX7 (HN) started late in the evening of 2 January. Considering the full 6 zero values of the kp-index during the day, the NA-cx in the evening, in the night and all day were unbelievable weak and unstable. So weak that I went fishing with the landlord in the wilderness from 9 to 12 in the morning. So instead of hearing KJJR-880, I' m eating whitefish for dinner. 800-KINY, 930-KOGA, 1240-KDLR, 1290-WKNE, 1590-WHLX

Friday 4.1

ENOX7/04.01: The same story continues, unbelievably lousy cx in spite of high expectations. A bit of evening cx, dying out at 22 UTC. Nothing in the night, a bit promising in the morning, but the cx never got anywhere, before they died out around 10 UTC. Completely silent in the afternoon. WKOX-1200, WHIY-1700, KXOL-1660, WJAS-1320. From recordings of yesterday: WFIR-960, WCMC-1230, WGPL-1350, WMYF-1380

Saturday 5.1

ENOX7 5.1.: Nothing in the evening, some CA/LA in the night and in the morning. Also Newfounland with good signals, but nothing else from NA. Time to pack.

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