Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIMA Lima OH 1150

WIMA 1150 kHz was heard in Enontekiö on September 12 this year. As everyone knows WHBY and CKOC usually dominate on 1150 Khz nowadays with the east coast and the Lakes region conditions. Also this time they were strongly audible simultaneously with WIMA. Luckily WIMA faded in clearly just before TOH giving legal ID and a short weather forecast in the Reds sport coverage break.

WIMA's board operator (also a ham operator) verified my report with an interesting email. He wrote among other things that: "The audio sample you sent was TOH Reds ID news liner with Kelly Wilson...That truely is an incredible catch. Everyone at the station is talking about this."
WIMA became my 12th verified station on 1150 kHz and my OH #32.

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