Thursday, September 16, 2010

WENK Union City TN 1240

1240 kHz was crowded with NA -stations for a couple of hours last Saturday night on ENOX22. It will be interesting to go thru all the files later on.

One of those stations on 1240 kHz was WENK from Union City, Tennessee airing an University of Tennessee football game. I was lucky since just before top of the hour WENK had a commercial break and right after this it gave a full station ID for WENK 1240 and WTPR 710.

Station President verified my report and mp3 in 20 hours. He also wrote:
"WENK AM1240 is part of a three station simulcast. Went on the air in 1946. Operates at 1Kw with one heck of a skywave from time to time."

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