Monday, September 20, 2010

WDIA 1070 kHz - The first black formatted station in the US

Probably the best catch I captured on September 12 in Enontekiö was a Tennessee station, WDIA from Memphis on 1070 kHz. It was audible about 10 minutes and came in loud and clear when playing music and when giving an ID you could still hear "WDIA" clearly.
WDIA is 62 years old and still going strong. I got two different emails from two different persons on WDIA. They both verified my report and MP3. Another was an assistant program director and he was so excited that he read my entire email on his "Fun Afternoon Show" live on the radio. Another reply came from a WDIA news anchor and she invited me to visit thei wonderful city of Memphis,Tennessee. The home of the blues and Elvis Presley.

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