Friday, March 26, 2010

WIZZ Greenfield MA 1520 - The Greatest Music Memories

I have been trying to pick up this one for many years on 1520 kHz. Although I have heard, every now and then, the nostalgia tunes and oldies songs on 1520 kHz around 21:00-23:00 UTC I have never been lucky enough to catch a proper identification - not until now. During ENOX19 last December I finally succeeded in capturing a legal ID “15-20 WIZZ Greenfield” in spite of the WWKB's huge signal around the same time on the top of the hour. At the time WIZZ played the fine NOS tunes including a couple of great Christmas songs like "Jingle Bells Rock".

In addition to the fact that WIZZ was hard to identify for me I had also problems to reach WIZZ with my several mails. When I emailed my report and mp3 by using my regular email server I didn't get any feedback from the station. However, at once I sent my report by using gmail WIZZ's chief engineer verified my report in a few hours...

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