Thursday, March 11, 2010

WGNS Murfreesboro TN 1450 - “Rutherford County’s News Leader“

WGNS 1450 kHz became my third verified station from TN. Tennessee is not very easy state when you think about how many stations can be "easily" heard from this state. The most usual catches are naturally WSM 650 kHz and WLAC 1510 kHz. But after capturing them it is getting quite difficult...
WGNS surfaced on ENOX21 with legal ID following the ABC news: "“Rutherford County’s News Leader, WGNS, Murfreesboro. We cover Rutherford County - ABC News covers the world”. The brand new SDR-IP picked up the signal nicely on the top of the hour.
Station owner verified my report with en email. He mentioned among other things:
"I have been in the broadcast business all of my life, and am still amazed at how medium wave signals skip. Your MP3 recording of a portion of the broadcast is adds also to the wonderment of WGNS' signal making it from the 100-meter self-supporting tower that's in the center of our 105,000 resident city to your home in Finland."

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