Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WPAT Paterson NJ 930 kHz

Although I didn't manage to catch many new ones during my latest trip to Enontekiö back in March this year a couple of stations I heard were quite interesting. One of them was WPAT Paterson NJ operating 930 kHz. WPAT is not an usual guest in Scandinavia - as a matter of fact it has been heard only once or twice before in Finland. WPAT has a variety of Hispanic programs serving Mexican, Puerto Rican and Dominican Republic listeners with news, talk, sports and music. WPAT also airs Hungarian, Lithuanian, Haitian, African and English programming and on weekends it's Caribbean Reggae.

What I heard on March 19, 2009 was a complete TOH -ID in English and then an African programming later on. WPAT became my NJ #6 - a very pleasant add to my collection.

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