Thursday, May 07, 2009


In springtime conditions favor TA-stations from Southern Part of Latin America - often from LaPlata area or Brazil. So has been in April as well - although not many days of good openings at least with small antennas at my QTH.
This station of Uruguay was briefly heard in April and the decision to choose this one was the fact that the memories from the "golden times of QSLs and Pennants - 1970´s" came to my mind and I had the dig my old collection of QSLs from the 70 s. The station had a nice copy of QSL-letter at that time with info - they typed the details into it and the pennant was also with the verification which came by normal mail in a nice letter with stamps as can be seen in the picture. Nowadays you can find more about the station from their webpages.

This is the last DX-station of this season, stay tuned later on.

73 TK

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