Thursday, May 21, 2009

WBBW 1240 - ESPN in Youngstown OH

Another nice catch during ENOX15 in March was WBBW on 1240 kHz. WBBW is an ESPN affiliate in Youngstown, Ohio. The signal wasn't really the first rate but after all the ID was clear and the station's chief engineer easily recognized his station on the mp3 I sent.

He also wrote:

"Thank you for your letter reporting reception of WBBW in Finland. Such reports of reception of WBBW have been quite rare in my 15 years with the station.
Considering all the noise on our "graveyard" channels I'm suprised WBBW was heard but I can hear the station on the recording provided. It seems you have in fact heard WBBW across the pole.The receiving antenna on your end works quite well. I'm not sure if your using it as a long wire, a beveredge, or maybe even a terminated beveredge.
It's been almost 20 years since I did any "serious" medium wave DXing and I'm afraid the addition of HD is doin it's best to kill what used to be an enjoyable hobby.
Once again, thanks for the reception report and congratulation on hearding out little 1000 watts in Finland."

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