Friday, November 09, 2012

WHEW "La Raza" 1380 verified - finally!

I heard WHEW Frankilin TN 1380 on ENOX28 last October with a huge signal one morning. After the pedition I sent many emails and mp3s to WHEW asking them kindly verify my reception report. Nobody answered me back then.
Earlier this week HN visited me on his way home after LEM319 and LEM320 DXpeditions. Among other DX related things and stations we talked about this one as well. Hannu had already received WHEW's verification last season and he gave me kindly the v/s info for La Raza. And this way it took only a couple of hours and I was lucky to get a nice email verification from this contact on the station.
Thanks a lot HN! WHEW became my #7 TN.

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