Thursday, November 15, 2012

ENOX28 offered Kentucky's gem - WBRT Bardstown 1320 kHz

A few days ago I went and listened a little bit to ENOX28 recordings from October 2011.  Firstly I checked 1320 kHz since there seemed to be a bunch of stations coming thru. As usual CJMR, KOZY and WILS were dominating but this time there was also an interesting country station audible at times on the frequency with a decent signal. I followed the country songs and other programming for about an hour and after the top of the hour's local news the station aired a local ad and finally announced a nice call ID before fading out with a country song.
The station was WBRT Bardstown KY making it's very first appearance in Finland. Wow!
I received two verifications from WBRT. In one of those emails v/s drew a conclusion that ENOX and Enontekiö must be a very special and unique place in Finland for catching the distant AM stations. I confirmed that and wrote back that he is absolutely right!

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