Sunday, February 20, 2011

ENOX25 4.1.-8.1. 2011

ENOX25 4.1.-8.1. 2011 
Hannu Niilekselä (HN)

While having spent two peaceful weeks of Christmas after LEM299 in Lemmenjoki, it was time again to ”refresh” a bit at ENOX – just 140 km north of our ski-cabin at Ylläs.

As has become customary, the better conditions have a tendency to avoid me at ENOX, and this time was no exception.

All the files have been examined and destroyed as of writing this (February 20). One 15 minute period with concentration on VA and some northern coastal NC saved the trip. Otherwise the stations logged were just “lone rangers” with lousy signal strengths and without any specific direction. Even if some nice stations were logged, typically nothing else worth mentioning from the same direction was heard.

Still, it´s always fun – either listening live or digging into current or older files – there will never be a moment without anything to listen to!

In the log, just subjectively “most interesting” stations (regarding the station itself or the time it was heard) have been listed. However, all identified stations on the GY-frequencies have been included.

ENOX25 loggings

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