Wednesday, February 23, 2011

100 stations from California confirmed !

100 stations from California confirmed !
by Hannu Niilekselä (HN)

After 44 years of DX´ing the medium wave band a dream came true today – 100 confirmed receptions from one U.S. state.

Regarding California, it all started back on 9 January, 1971 when I heard my first California station KFBK Sacramento 1530 home in Hyrylä, close to Helsinki on a 60 meter wire. Today KMYC Marysville 1410 confirmed my reception of the station heard at Lemmenjoki on 28 October 2009.

Until fairly recently, it did not seem likely that such a barrier could ever be broken . And if a prognosis would have been made which state it most likely would be, I probably would not have put my bets on California, rather on New York or maybe Washington.

But the combination of the “SDR-era” beginning a few years back, combined with the blessing of having “on the spot” in a couple of instances when the skip to California has been excellent, made it possible. Specifically 28 October 2009 is written to history with golden letters. Of my 100 confirmed Californians no less than 32 are from that date and additional 3 stations have categorically refused to confirm the reception.

So what is there left ? Plenty of stations ! Just received my netSDR today…and headed for Lemmenjoki soon again…


JSN said...

Congratulations Hannu - way to go!
73's -jsn-

TuA said...

Amazing -congrats Hannu!