Wednesday, January 06, 2010

WLMA Greenwood SC - another BIG surprise on 1350 kHz on ENOX19!

WLMA 1350 kHz became my 3rd verified station from SC and my 23rd verified NA on 1350 kHz. This South Carolina station had a clear and loud TOH ID when it surfaced in Enontekiö on ENOX19 and so it was very easy to WLMA's President to recognize her station on my mp3.

WLMA was running its nightime power of 85 watts when I captured the station since the local sunset in Greeenwood was way later than my listening time. That makes the hearing even more amazing!

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Mir said...

This on ABDX:
There were other undocumented violations at WLMA also. It is believed they rarely reduced nighttime power to the licensed 85 watts. I was in Greenwood for a funeral several years ago at a motel downtown and walked outside a couple of hours after sunset. I was about two miles from the transmitter. I used my Lafayette Guardian 5000 radio with tuning meter to check the signal. The needle jammed into the corner of the dial. I would say they were on with the daytime power of 1,000 watts, not 85 watts licensed at night. Just that one night they "forgot"? I don't think so.