Friday, January 29, 2010

KANA Anaconda MT 580 kHz - "Mighty 580"

KANA was heard once in a while during ENOX19. Mostly with a very poor and faint signal but for a couple of times KANA came in very clearly fading in and out with CKUA Edmonton, Alberta. KANA is a sister station for KBOW Butte on 550 kHz which I heard and verified back in 2007 during ENOX2. KANA used its legal ID "Mighty 580 - KANA, Anaconda, Montana" on the top of the hour. Again, SDR-14 and the newest version of SpectraVue did a great job!

Capturing KANA was a hard job. However, it seems that getting KANA verified is even more difficult. Fortunately I finally found out a working email address to the station's GM and in this way I got KANA verified in 2 days.

KANA became my MT #32.

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