Sunday, April 05, 2009

Two Sacred Heart Radio stations from WA verified - finally!

I received a kind email with a pdf -attachment from Sacred Heart Radio last Thursday. The pdf -QSL included both KBLE Seattle WA 1050 and KTTO Spokane WA 970 verifications and pictures of the both stations and their staff. KBLE and KTTO were both audible during ENOX2 way back in October 2007 and KBLE was also heard on ENOX15 in March this year.

Both stations had very clear and loud signals when I picked up them but for some reason they did not verify until now. After these two recent verifications my WA total is 78. However, there are many WA -stations that I have never heard but which have been picked up in Scandinavia many times...

Great to have both KTTO and KBLE finally verified!

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