Saturday, April 18, 2009

CFGT Alma 1270 became my 50th Quebec AM

Although ENOX13 in January 2009 was not a big success for me I managed to capture some nice signals. CFGT 1270 was one of them being easy to recognize since it was operating clearly off the nominal frequency 1270.000 kHz. SV display showed the exact fq to be 1269.970 kHz at the time. I have heard CFGT sometimes way back in 1980's but I have never before sent any report or any audio clip to the station.
Since January CFGT has approved to move FM. Maybe CFGT 1270 has already now signed off for good on AM and so I was very lucky to pick up this one during ENOX13...

Louis Arcand, Program Director kindly verified my report and mp3 -clip in a couple of hours .

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