Sunday, March 09, 2008

LEM262: 1-8.3 (ARK)

Sunday 2.3

Conditions are as poor as expected due to effects from past coronal hole. This morning 04-05.30 short opening towards midwest. 1200 KFNW only catch to mention. KBRW and KOMO occasionally with extremely weak signals and deep fading during morning and afternoon. Nothing from AK, HI or the Pacific.

Monday 3.3

Similar poor conditions as yesterday. However, some most common Japanese stations around 15 UT.

Tuesday 4.3

Another day with pretty weak conditions. They started towards midwest at 02 UT and lasted until 06 UT. Only common dominants. Nothing during midday and early afternoon. 13-14 UT some WA and AK. 15-16.30 UT lots of AK stations (830 KSDP, 930 KNSA) plus some Hawaiians. However, the best AK catches stayed away, blah.

Wednesday 5.3

Once again, conditions pattern continued almost similar. Lots of midwest and west coast stations from 02 UT, weakening at 0630 and fading out totally by 0730 UT. One-hour conditions to west coast at 0930. AK and HI twice during afternoon in half hour portions. 4QD Emerald at 16 UT.Previous night was freezing cold (-29°), first day with bright sunshine during this expedition.Little birds in trees announced the joy of increasing daylight after dark winter! Crows have returned and were "singing" too. When writing this report in the evening, worrying sights of distant northern lights around northern sky...

Thursday 6.3

West coast and midwest stations from 03 UTC plus east coast from 06-08 UT. 08- UT strong conditions to west coast and midwest, even all graveyard channels were well open (1240 KQEN, 1400 KWNA). However, only dominants and nothing from east coast. All faded out by 1130 UT.

Some most common Hawaiians in the afternoon, 1330- UT several Japanese with strong signals. Unidentified 1620-aussie at 16- UT.

Friday 7.3

02 UT once again midwest and west coast stations. 0430 UT also big lakes area. All faded out by 0730 UT. 14- most common Alaskan stations, 15 UT Japanese stations. -32° at night.

Saturday 8.3

Forecasts indicated high speed stream to arrive from the visible coronal hole and I was hoping it would cause special conditions. However, no such one. Its effects could be heard at 08 UT, when almost all stations disappeared accompanied with increased hum. 09 UT signals strengthened with common midwest, west coast and AK stations.

Anyway, during night conditions started at 00 UT with X band stations, even east coast stations for a while. 0330- UT common stations from the Lakes and west coast. As I was the last crew this main season, I had no hurry to pack things and leave. Turned off my radios at 10 UT when there still were several stations on the band. When driving home in the evening, there was impressive northern lights in the sky!

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