Saturday, March 01, 2008

LEM261: 23.2-1.3 (HS, JMS)

Sunday 24.2

A bit cold start with -35 Celsius at night! However, good TA DX made us feel warm. Some Brazilians and La Plata at night, AM Nuevo Mar del Plata 1620 being the best catch. NA quite well between 05 and 10 UTC. WBIX 1060 with a DX test was heard very well. Then eg. WESX 1230, WBUR 1240, WEZR 1240, WSYY 1240 and WFAU 1280. No Pacific at all, but many Chinese in the evening.

Monday 25.2

Poor conditions both night and day meant no new loggings nor reports. Hawaiian stations surfaced late afternoon with some nice signals. However, only the usual stations were noted.

Tuesday 26.2

Wow! Continuous NA from 23 to 12 UTC. Some excellent peaks during the sunrise. Also Hawaii well in the evening. Clearly the best NA conditions for us this season!

KNRS 570, KXSP 590, WOI 640, KXOR 660, KNBR 680, XEDE 720, KTTO 970, KORL 1180, KTSN 1340, KZNW 1340. From earlier days WTSN 1270, WNZS 1340, WWWL 1350.

Wednesday 27.2

Back to normal. Poor night, mediocre morning (KSJB 600, WJON 1240) and challenging afternoon with interesting Asians. Australia on x-band and 5PA ABC Naaracorte 1161 booming. Also RRI Singaraja from Bali on 1080 like a local station for 40 minutes. Some northern lights promises interesting times ahead.

Thursday 28.2

Conditions have really deteriorated since yesterday. Nothing during the night, some NA in the morning and nothing during the entire day until Asian stations surfaced late afternoon. Tonight the sky is beautiful with fast moving Auroral lights so not much is expected of the next night either.

Friday 29.2

Completely silent - no stations from anywhere. The coronal hole did what a coronal hole needs to do! Now it is time to prepare next weeks work presentations and listen to tapes from Tuesday.

Here are some Asians from 26.2.: 549 Vietnam, 558 DZXL, 576 Yunnan, 603 CRI Hainan, 648 Guangdong, 666 DZRH, 675 Vietnam, 720 ABC Perth, 729 Vietnam, 747 Ningxia Jinji, 783 Hong Kong, 792 Guangxi, 819 ABC Kimberley, 828 Guangzhou and so on. Clearly the direction was a bit different than with usual Asian conditions.

Saturday 1.3

TA and Asia DX totally dead, but last night we enjoyed Emissao Provincial do Niassa from Mozambique with their local Friday evening programme on 1260. LEM261 signing off and wishing good luck to Ari for the last LEM expedition this season.

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