Sunday, August 26, 2007

Starting the DX-season 25.8

I spent one night in JPR QTH in Muhos (24-25.8). Checking radios, testing loggings lists and also testing more SDR-14 and SDR-IQ in same computer.

Conditions was fair. First from 2130utc some Brazils (1410 R Santa Cruz), Uruguay (1130 Nacional, 1600 R Mil) and common Argentina stations. At 2315 some NA-stations (CKEC 1320, NF 590, 620, 650, 710 - New York 1130, 1560 - CKOC 1150 and many others), but at 0059 NA stations faded out totally!!

Then fair La Plata conditions between 02-03utc. From Uruguay 550 Colonia, 610 Rural, 770 Oriental. From Argentina 590 Contintental, 970 LV2, 1010 Rio Cuarto (new transmitter?), 1020 Universidad Nacional, 1510 Belgrano, 1620 Vida and Italia. From Paraguay 730 Cardinal, 780 Primero de Marzo. From Brazil 860 CBN, 1550 Gurauja Paulista, 1560 Educadora, 1570 Emissora ABC and from Chile RBN 1000 and 1060 Santa Maria.

More after listening the tapes.... among others interesting SS station on 800 kHz (=LV23 Radio Rio Atuel, General Alvear). JVA

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TuA said...

Great looking equipment pictures and great start of this season judging from your comments! Looking forward to your complete log...