Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Short Wave Check with a SDR-IQ & Art of SDR-reception

During a Latin Check on Tropical Band 60 meters on 4725...4915 I found several stations from Bolivia, Brazil and Guatemala on July 24.
While studying the signal of Radio Universitaria (Bolivia) on 4732 I found this interesting picture using the SDR-IQs combo display. It shows nicely the terrible RTTY QRM on both sides of the station - the RTTY tx has short breaks after about 1 minute transmission as you can see. You can see also the close down of the Bolivian as well. The staion is usually covered byt the RTTY-QRM and can be heard only about 15 seconds between the pulses, however sometimes there are longer breaks. It seems the station has disappeared in the beginning of August.
73 TK

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