Saturday, March 03, 2007

JVA in Muhos: JVA/M 22-24.2

I spent two nights in JPR QTH in Muhos. Conditions was weak to fair. You will find loggings from Online log (Finland) and from link

22-23.2: Puerto Rico from 2230utc, Venezuela 01-02utc. Colombia and some usual NA from 04utc. Last stations from TA was Bahamas at 0645utc.
23-24.2: Weak night, some Brazils. NA and CLM from 0430utc and also LA from 07utc. Common NA stations also after 08utc.

Totally 28 new stations for me. Now stations from 201 different country identified and over 2000 identified AM stations (1464 on MW). JVA

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