Sunday, February 04, 2007

PAX69 log - the first version

I have checked some of my PAX69 -recordings and you can read the first version of the log clicking the PAX69 -link in this blog. Actually I don't think that there will be many more interesting loggings from me since the conditions were not very good except the opening on Sunday morning at the time when I was about to leave for home. This log includes only TuA's loggings during PAX69. Stefan Wikander's and Italian listeners loggings can be found later on PAX -website. Log link


TK said...

Yes. Not bad for a weekend pedition - about 125 stations so far!
It´s nice that Dxers using new RXs (sdrs) are publishing their logs while those using other rx´s seems to hide what they have heard ...
73 TK

JVA said...

Yes - it seems that DXers using SDR-radios listen their files quicklier than DXers using MD or cassettes. For example LEM234 log is ready - no files listen to years after pedition :-)) JVA